Är Brandon Crawford skadad?

What happened Brandon Crawford?

Brandon Crawford has developed into one of Major League Baseball’s best all-around shortstops in recent years, but the San Francisco Giants may be without their star middle infielder after he suffered a finger injury during Tuesday’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Continue for updates.

What is Brandon Crawford’s OPS?

MLB Career Stats

4885 .254 .727

Is Brandon Crawford left handed?

A left-handed hitter, Crawford had a higher batting average against left-hand pitching than right-hand pitching at . 274. His average against right-hand pitching was . 243.

Why is Brandon Belt wearing AC on his jersey?

”You know, somebody has got to step up, and when you’re the alpha male on the team it’s got to be you,” Belt said. ”I put the ’C’ on my chest and I went to work today, and thankfully it worked out.”

How much is Brandon Crawford worth?

$32 million

According to Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports Bay Area, the deal is worth a total of $32 million.

How old is Buster Posey?

4, 2021 Updated: Nov. 4, 2021 7:06 p.m. Buster Posey was at Oracle Park’s club level Thursday afternoon to announce his retirement as a baseball player. The 34-year-old, who helped the Giants win three World Series titles, is coming off his seventh All-Star season after opting out in 2020 to care for his family.

What happened Brandon Belt?

Giants’ Brandon Belt: Suffers broken thumb

Belt was diagnosed Monday with a fractured left thumb, Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports Bay Area reports. Belt had to leave Sunday’s matchup against the Rockies after being drilled by a fastball on the hand, and X-rays failed to bring good news.

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How many games has Brandon Belt played in 2021?

97 games

Belt only played in 97 games in 2021 due to multiple injuries, including a fractured hand that kept him out of the postseason.

Is Brandon Belt good?

Just how good is Brandon Belt, really? Belt has the third-best bat in MLB over the last two years.

How many home runs does Brandon Belt have this year?

2021 Stats

325 .274 29

Who is first in the AL East?


1 Orioles
2 Red Sox
3 Yankees
4 Rays

What place are the Yankees in?

American League

East W Wins PCT Win Percentage
Boston – y 92 .568
N.Y. Yankees – y 92 .568
Toronto – e 91 .562

What place are the Astros in?

AL West Standings

Team W-L L10
HOU 95-67 4-6
SEA 90-72 7-3
OAK 86-76 4-6
LAA 77-85 5-5

Who won World Series 2021?

The Atlanta Braves have probably not stopped celebrating since late Tuesday night when they won the 2021 World Series. After beating the Houston Astros in five games, the Braves got to celebrate with their fans on Friday.

Who played the Astros in the World Series?

The Astros defeated the Dodgers, four games to three, to win their first World Series in franchise history, also becoming the first team from Texas to do so.

What is the number one baseball team in Houston?

Houston Astros

Houston Astros
World Series titles (1) 2017
AL Pennants (3)
NL Pennants (1) 2005
AL West Division titles (4) 2021
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What is the largest mall in Houston city limits?

With 3 million square feet (280,000 m2) of space that includes 2,400,838 square feet (223,045.1 m2) of gross leasable area with 400 stores, the Galleria is the largest mall in Texas and the seventh largest shopping mall in the United States.

How many Astros are in the Hall of Fame?

The Astros feature eleven total personnel who have been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, two Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award winners, four Cy Young Award winners, and three Rookie of the Year Award winners.