Bench press – arm position

The elbows should either be slightly in or directly in line with the barbell when the weight is on the chest. This position will be the most optimal way to transfer force from the shoulder girdle, through the arms, and to the barbell.

Where should your arms be when bench pressing?

The Set-up

Your eyes should be directly under the barbell and the bar should be no higher than your wrists when your arms are locked out overhead. For most people, your hands should be on the bar just a bit wider apart than your shoulders.

Should you tuck your elbows while benching?

WHO SHOULD TUCK? Well, that depends on the grip width of the lifter. If you have a narrow grip, your arm angle will be much smaller and the touchpoint on your chest will be much lower. So if you bench with a narrow grip, “tuck your elbows” might be an effective cue.

Should you bench to 90 degrees?

Is that a real thing? Unless you’re entering the NFL combine, no. “For muscle building, you only need to lower the bar so that your arms are at a 90-degree angle.” If you’re going to be lifting heavy and testing your limits, lowering the bar slowly can be the difference between getting it up and not.

What does flaring elbows mean?

The description of “flare” is the degree in which the elbows come out from the body, aka move more parallel to how the arms would look if they were extended directly outwards.

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How far should your elbows be when bench pressing?

Step 1: Find The Right Elbow Angle

For most people, an elbow angle of somewhere around 45 degrees to about 70 degrees will best line up with and activate their chest fibers when they press while being safest on the shoulders.

How do I stop bench flares on my elbows?

Quote from the video:
First. Thing I would do is focus a lot I'm bending the bar. Not as much breaking. The bar I find people have a lot more yield. Better results when I think about bending the bar.

How do you rotate elbows in bench press?

Quote from the video:
So effective. It we talked about is wherever the arm goes the shoulder blade goes where the shoulder blade goes the arm goes. So if you're coming further up with your arms.