How many amps does a golf cart charger pull?

Re: How many amps does a cart draw during charging? Probably 5 amp avg.

How many amps does a golf cart battery charger pull?

1 x 100 = 10 amp charge rate. 6 volt golf cart batteries are typically 200 to 225 amp hours, and 8 volt batteries about 150 amp hours. It is important to know the ah rating of your battery, if you aren’t replacing an existing charger, or to check if the existing charger is sized correctly.

How much current does a golf cart charger draw?

For this case, let’s take into account a 120 volt charger that draws 10 amps. Volts multiplied by amps yields watts as the product, so the result is 1,200 watts. Divide 1.2 kilowatts by an hour and an electric golf cart consumes about 1.2 kWH.

What amp is a golf cart charger?

The Eagle 36 volt 25 amp EZ-GO golf cart charger is suitable for heavy use 36 volt carts, which are significantly discharged routinely.
36 Volt 25 Amp EZ-GO Battery Charger.

Specifications: Features:
Ship Weight: 30.0 Reverse Polarity Protection
AC Input: 115 [email protected] 12 Amps Temperature Compensation

How many amps is a 48 volt golf cart?

For example, RV and marine discharge rates usually fall into the 25 amp range while most golf car discharge rates fall into the 56–75 amp range (56 amps for 48 volt cars and 75 amps for 36 volt cars).

How many amps does a 12 volt golf cart battery have?

The Five Most Common Golf Cart Battery Packs

Battery System Type Voltage Amps (Estimated)
4-12 Volts 48 Volts 600
6-8 Volts 48 Volts 1,020
8-6 Volts 48 Volts 1,800
6-12 Volts 72 Volts 900
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Does AMP matter in golf cart charger?

Well, Amperage in a golf cart is like the gas tank in your car. It will determine how far you can travel on a single charge in an electric Golf Car. The more amperage in a battery pack, the further you can drive before having to charge.

What amp charger do I need for a 48 volt golf cart?

48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger 6 amp With 3 Pin Charge Plug For Club Car.

How many amps should a 36 volt charger put out?

15 amps

A medium amp output 36 volt charger would be in the range of 10 to 15 amps or so, and be used for many applications using about 100 amp hours of battery and up, or applications with a constant amp load (power supply application).

How many amps per hour does a golf cart use?

On average, electric golf motors operate at 36 or 48 volts and draw between 50-70 amps of current while cruising at about 15 miles per hour. Keep in mind that the current draw during acceleration or while going up a hill is much higher.

How many amps do I need to charge a 48 volt battery?

Most battery manufacturers recommend sizing the charger at about 25% of the battery capacity (ah = amp hour capacity). Thus, a 100 ah 48 volt battery pack would take about a 25 amp 48 volt charger (or less).

What is the difference between a 48 volt and 72 volt golf cart?

48-volts are a popular option as they are more affordable to maintain, and they deliver a moderate level of power. The 72-volt options are more powerful and can deliver accelerated speeds for longer. However, they require more battery packs than a 48-volt cart, increasing the upfront and maintenance costs.

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How many amps is a 8v golf cart battery?

The 8v battery usually comes with total amps of between 1020 and 1800. In a car, there is just a slight difference in amperage as there is a gas tank.

Can I use a 12 volt charger on a 8-volt battery?

Yes, you can use a 12-volt charger to charge an 8-volt battery. Usually, the 12-volt charger will come with more output power than the 8v battery itself.

Can you charge a golf cart with a 12 volt charger?

A 36-volt golf cart has six, 6 volt batteries. You want to split those 6 batteries into 3 pairs. Each pair that you create will total 12 volts. A 12 volt car charger can charge each pair independently, since a pair equals 12 volts.

How many amps is a 8-volt battery?

8-volt batteries fall in the middle when it comes to range, at 56 amps. The 8-volt batteries come up 36 minutes short of the 6-volt’s range at 56 amps, at an average of 128 minutes.

Can I charge my golf cart with a regular battery charger?

These batteries are designed to be discharged almost completely and repeatedly with low loss in performance. Golf carts usually come with their own charger, however a car charger can also be used to charge a golf cart. The trick is matching the voltage of the charger to the voltage of the batteries.

What size battery is in a golf cart?

Your electric cart will take 6, 8, or 12V batteries. Its volt electrical drive system will have a 36V or 48V system. To find out which type your cart takes, check the battery compartment. There will be 3, 4, or 6 holes.