How much does a tanning ledge cost?

The cost to buy a separate fiberglass tanning ledge can be between $5,000 and $15,000, depending on if it’s elevated. If you’re looking to save money, your best option might be to choose a model with the ledge built-in.

Are tanning ledges worth it?

We can confirm that kids of all ages enjoy using tanning ledges. Most parents love them because they provide babies and toddlers with a safe space to join the family in the pool. Older kids often like to use the tanning ledge to rest between racing and playing games.

Are Sun shelves in pools worth it?

The Verdict

If you have young children or grandchild, a sun shelf is a safe place for them to get their feet wet on a hot summer day. Also, if you love tanning and relaxing in the sun, then adding a sun shelf to your pool is the perfect choice!

Is a Baja shelf worth it?

If lounging in shallow water while catching some Arizona sun is how you can picture enjoying your pool, a Baja shelf is a great investment. If having a shallow area for children to enjoy is high on the list, a Baja shelf is worth including in your pool budget.

Can I add a tanning ledge to my pool?

Adding a tanning shelf to a pool.

A tanning shelf or tanning ledge is the perfect feature to add to an existing swimming pool while under renovation. A tanning shelf is an area inside the pool perimeter that sits just about 6-8″ below water.

How much does a Latham tanning ledge cost?

The cost to buy a separate fiberglass tanning ledge can be between $5,000 and $15,000, depending on if it’s elevated. If you’re looking to save money, your best option might be to choose a model with the ledge built-in.

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How deep is a tanning ledge?

between 9 inches and 18 inches

Most tanning ledges are between 9 inches and 18 inches deep, but they can be even deeper, depending on the builder or manufacturer. As you’ll find out, a shallower tanning ledge is much more usable and versatile than a deep one.

How big is the Baja shelf?

about 4 to 8 feet

Popularized at high-end hotel properties, a Baja shelf is a solid span inside of or adjacent to the pool perimeter. It resembles a wide, shallow step. This feature typically runs about 4 to 8 feet in length, at least several feet in width, and 3 to 18 inches deep in the water.

How long should a tanning ledge be?

Tanning ledges are in the shallow area on one side of your pool. Tanning ledges can be built in all sorts of sizes depending on what you want, the typical measurements for a tanning ledge are at least five feet in length and ten feet wide, and 6 to 18 inches in deep in water.

How deep is a Baja shelf pool?

A baja shelf is large and shallow. It’s often the same depth (about 3 – 6 inch water depth) as the first step of a pool, but some can have an even deeper entry step after stepping in from the first step of the pool.

How big should my sun shelf be?

Typically big enough to fit at least a couple of lounge chairs and an umbrella, their size may range from 5 feet 6 inches by 12 feet to 8 feet 10 inches by 18 feet 1 inch. Their depth is usually between 6 and 12 inches, with 10 inches being an especially popular depth.

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How big should a tanning shelf be?

Tanning Ledge Size

Generally, it’s an extremely shallow shelf in the swimming pool that’s normally at least 5 feet wide and 0.75 feet deep. The most recommended depth should not exceed more than 1 foot.

What is a tanning ledge pool?

A tanning ledge is an addition to your swimming pool that consists of a raised platform or area within the water that is extremely shallow. This expansive shelf could be anywhere from just a few inches deep to over a foot. The idea is that you can sit in the water without having to swim or float.

What is a zero entry pool?

A zero entry swimming pool, also called a beach entry, is aesthetically pleasing. This pool design provides a gradual slope into the pool rather than having to walk down steps or stairs to get into the water.

What is a lagoon pool?

The term “lagoon pool” often refers to a freeform swimming pool that resembles a natural body of water. A lagoon pool might be found with lots of plants and shrubs surrounding it, and they are also typically blue, green, teal, or sandstone.

Are freeform pools more expensive?

For the most the part, the cost of freeform pool will roughly the same as a rectangle pool . . . within $5,000. With a purchase this big, you are always going to get multiple pool quote from different pool contractors and you will see that the cost of a freeform compared to a rectangle isn’t as much as you thought.