How tall is Josh in the crossover?

six feet tallnearly six feet tall and has a twin, JB. Both are skilled basketball players.Feb 17, 2019

How old is JB and Josh in The Crossover?

Josh Bell is the main character and narrator of the novel “The Crossover” by Kwame Alexander. At twelve years old, Josh is the son of Chuck and Crystal, and the identical twin of JB.

Are Josh and JB identical twins?

Josh’s identical twin, Jordan (“JB”), is also a gifted ball player. People can tell them apart on the court because Josh is “an inch taller, with dreads to my neck,” while JB gets his head shaved once a month.

How old are Josh and Jordan Bell in The Crossover?


Josh and Jordan Bell are fourteen-year-old twins who live to play b-ball. They are exceptional on the court: fast, skilled and dedicated. Their father played professional ball, back in the day, and he encourages and coaches them in the game.

How are JB and Josh different crossover?

JB is Josh’s twin. Like Josh, he’s good at basketball, and to differentiate himself from his twin, he wears his hair shaved. He describes himself as the cool one, and he’s especially good at free throws. JB begins to mature before Josh does, which causes a number of problems for Josh.

Why does Josh call the new girl Miss sweet tea?

Josh’s narration implies that he thinks of Miss Sweet Tea as more of an object of attraction than a full human in her own right; he doesn’t mention her given name, Alexis, until a passage that implies that she’s the one speaking her name.

What calamity happened to Josh’s hair How?

What was the CALAMITY that happened to Josh? The new girl likes JB. JB cut off 5 dreads instead of 1. Mom grounded Josh for giving his brother a noogie.

Why does Josh have dreadlocks in The Crossover?

Locks/Wings Symbol Analysis. At the beginning of the novel, Josh wears his hair in locks. He explains that he does this not just to differentiate himself from JB, but also because it makes him feel closer to Dad, whose locks looked like wings in an old photo.

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What is Josh’s nickname in The Crossover?

Filthy McNasty

The main character is named Josh Bell, but is usually called by his nickname, Filthy McNasty. His dad, Chuck Bell, is a retired professional NBA player. Jordan Bell is his brother. Both Jordan and Josh love to play basketball and challenge each other with bets sometimes.

How did Josh get his nickname?

Josh got his nickname because his dad’s favorite jazz player’s song was Filthy McNasty. He didn’t like it at first because kids made fun of him, but later he liked it.

What position does Josh play in The Crossover?

Talk about how the twins are alike and how they are different. For example, Jordan (JB) and Josh are identical twins, but JB shaves his head bald and plays shooting guard and Josh has shoulder-length dreadlocks (at first) and plays forward. It is usually Josh’s point of view that we see as the story unfolds.

What happens when Josh passes the ball to his brother on page 134?

What happens when Josh passes the ball to his brother on pg. 134? J.B. makes a layup and they win the game.

What is Josh’s personality in The Crossover?

Josh is an athletic character. The reason he is so marvelous at basketball is because he has a possessive and determined personality. Josh is also a caring character. He really cares about his family and what is going on with each one of them, therefore having a caring personality.

How tall is JB in The Crossover?

six feet tall

He’s nearly six feet tall and has a twin, JB. Both are skilled basketball players.

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What was Josh’s tipping point?

What is Josh’s tipping point? Josh’s tipping point is when he sees JB kissing his girlfriend.

How are Josh and Jordan different as basketball players?

The story starts by introducing the unimportant but notable differences between Josh and Jordan. For starters, Jordan prefers to shoot from afar, while Josh would rather drive towards the basket and go up for a dunk. Jordan likes North Carolina, but Josh wants to go to Duke.

What does Jordan collect in The Crossover?

he collects michael jordan shoes. he works all of the time.

Why did Kwame Alexander write dribbling the way he did?

I figured that I would write it with poetry because poetry is something I’ve always loved reading. The second reason is I wanted to sort of mirror a basketball game. I thought, when you play basketball, you’re dribbling and you’re running fast and sometimes you stop, sometimes you’re dunking or shooting.

What happened to Chuck Bell in The Crossover?

Sadly, after the game, Chuck Bell died of a heart attack. He was 39. Chuck played in the NBA so it was all over the news. Before he died he gave his championship ring to josh.

Who died in The Crossover book?

Article #2 in the Daily News (January 14) – The newspaper carries news of Charlie “Chuck” “Da Man” Bell’s death after a massive heart attack at Saint Luke’s Hospital, including Chuck’s refusal to want to see a doctor in the months leading up to his death. Chuck is only 39.

What year does The Crossover take place in?

Reggie Lewis Middle School is the school where Josh and JB attend class, and is the host school to the basketball team on which they play, the… More summaries and resources for teaching or studying The Crossover. The Crossover from BookRags. (c)2022 BookRags, Inc.

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What happened in booked?

Parents need to know Booked, by Newbery Medal winner Kwame Alexander (The Crossover), is a novel in verse that centers on a middle school soccer player who struggles with his family going through a divorce, bullying by schoomates, and middle school romance.

Who does Nick have a crush on in booked?

McKee and branch out from there to note that Nick’s love interest in the novel, Jordan Baker, is an athlete who carries herself “like a young cadet” and is most alluring to Nick when they play tennis and “a faint mustache of perspiration appear[s] on her upper lip.” When she and Nick break up at the end of the book, …

What happens to Nick in booked?

Nick’s struggles to cope with all of these changes in his life become even more complicated when he develops a perforated appendix, a situation that leads to emergency surgery that keeps him out of the tournament in Dallas.

Who are the bullies in booked?

At school, Nick tends to daydream a little to much in Ms. Hartwick’s Honors English class. He’s also being bullied by twin brothers Dean and Don, which is a real problem, especially when they start kicking his backpack around and telling him to stay away from April Farrow, ’cause she’s Dean’s girl.

Who is the protagonist in booked?

Nicholas Hall (Nick) is the book’s central character, its protagonist and narrator. He is in middle school (grade eight, going into grade nine), fanatical about soccer (playing it both live and online) and, as the story begins, on the cusp of engaging in some significant transformations in his life.

What is the age for the book bully?

I highly recommend it for teachers, parents, and caregivers of children ages 8+. 5.0 out of 5 stars Useful book on bullying!