Is there a sequel to the cutting edge?

Is there a second cutting edge movie?

The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold is a 2006 American sports-romantic drama film, the sequel to The Cutting Edge (1992), and the second installment in The Cutting Edge film series. The film premiered on March 12, 2006 on ABC Family and released on DVD on March 28, 2006, receiving 3.4 million viewers.

How many cutting edge movies did they make?

The Cutting Edge film series consists of American sports-romance films, including one theatrical film and three made-for-television movies which were later released straight-to-home video media.
The Cutting Edge (film series)

The Cutting Edge
Budget >$3,000,000 (Total of 1 film)

Is there a cutting edge 4?

The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice is a 2010 American sports-romantic drama television film, the sequel to The Cutting Edge: Chasing the Dream (2008), and the fourth installment in The Cutting Edge film series.

Is the movie The Cutting Edge based on a true story?

So no, The Cutting Edge isn’t realistic. No one will ever be the real-life Doug Dorsey. It’s not possible to make a hockey player a gold medal pairs figure skater in only two years, and it would be remarkable to do it in any amount of years.

Did Moira Kelly do her own skating in cutting edge?

Moira Kelly fractured her ankle doing a jump in the first week of shooting. This forced all the skating scenes to be pushed to the end of shooting while she wore a cast for a month. Christine Hough and Doug Ladret, who play the Russian pairs team, are a figure skating pairs team in real life representing Canada.

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Did DB Sweeney and Moira Kelly ever date?

But while the odd couple famously got together at the end of the skating classic, even kissing on ice for the film’s final scene — it’s not a happy get together in ‘Paradise.’

Did the actors do their own skating in The Cutting Edge?

There’s no CGI in Cutting Edge; all the skating is real. They were very creative in the way they put it together. The Cutting Edge is currently streaming on Amazon Prime and can be purchased from iTunes and Vudu.

Are DB Sweeney and Moira Kelly Friends?

The two main stars of the film spent two months together training to be realistic figure skaters. They became good friends and they’re still homies if you believe IMDB.

Where is Moira Kelly today?

After her character exited the series in season four, Kelly, who now lives in Texas, made special appearances in seasons five and six.

Can hockey players figure skate?

Asked what things hockey players could teach figure skaters, Wolski laughed. “Absolutely nothing!” He said, but then added how special he feels the show is, bringing the two sports together: “What I love about it is that you have so many extremely competitive athletes put together in an arena…

Does Kristi Yamaguchi still skate?

The California native is also a one-time U.S. champion and two-time World Champion. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Yamaguchi’s Olympic triumph—her first and only Winter Games. In the three decades since, the now-50-year-old has stayed involved in the sport, taken on some new pursuits, and raised a family.

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Who played Bravehearts wife?

Catherine McCormack

English actress Catherine McCormack made her share of movies on both sides of the Atlantic, most notably “Braveheart” (1995), in which she played the doomed wife of Mel Gibson’s heroic William Wallace.

Who plays Burt on B positive?

D.B. Sweeney

B Positive (TV Series 2020– ) – D.B. Sweeney as Bert – IMDb.

Who narrates Mountain Men?

For nine year and more than 100 episodes, Daniel Bernard “D.B.” Sweeney has been the voice of the popular History Channel program, Mountain Men. The 59-year-old Long Island native originally got started in his career on Broadway. He is now known for his voiceover work, and for his acting career.

Is DB Sweeney still married?

Sweeney Wife | D. B. Sweeney Ashley Vachon. Daniel has been married to Ashley Vachon since April 2000. the couple has two children together: a son, Cade, and a Daughter, Cody.

Is Sydney Sweeney related to DB Sweeney?

The Euphoria actor shares one common thing with another actor. Sweeney shares a last name with The Cutting Edge actor D.B.

Who is Sydney Sweeney parents?

Sydney Sweeney was born to her parents, Scott Sweeny and Lisa Mudd Sweeney. Scoot Sween belongs back to Scotland, where her ancestry goes back to Scotland. On the other hand, Lisa Mudd Sweeney’s ancestry goes back to Ireland.

What is Sydney Sweeneys ethnicity?

Sydney Sweeney’s ethnicity is Scottish-Irish. Sydney Sweeney holds American nationality.

How old is Cassie in Euphoria?

Nate Jacobs and Cassie Howard are 18 in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2

Actor Syndey Sweeney is also 24 years old and her character Cassie is an 18-year-old high school senior as well. In Euphoria Season 1, Cassie dates Chris McKay, who is a 19-year-old freshman in college.

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Are Lexi and Cassie twins?

In season two, episode seven, it was finally explicitly confirmed how much older Cassie is than Lexi through the younger sister’s school play. In her dialogue, Lexi reveals she’s 433 days younger than Cassie. So, we know for certain Lexi and Cassie are not twins — Cassie is Lexi’s older sister by a little over a year.

Are Cassie and Lexie the same age?

Lexi is Cassie’s younger sister, which HBO even has listed on her character page of their official website. Lexi has been Rue’s close friend since they were children, and we do know that the two are the same age.