What does a Topgolf card do?

Become a Platinum Member today and get unlimited game play hours, discounts on food, beverages, retail and even more perks! Platinum memberships are perfect for you or even to share with friends, family or coworkers. Each Platinum Membership is good for one bay of up to six players, at any one time.

Do I need my card at Topgolf?

Pricing & Memberships

To play Topgolf, you’ll need a membership so you can see your name on the screen and keep track of your scores, and you’ll need to load it up with some games.

Does Topgolf card expire?

Topgolf currently offers a standard Lifetime Membership (players card), Platinum Memberships, and National Platinum Memberships at select venues (excluding Las Vegas, NV).

What happens if you forget your Topgolf card?

Service animals aiding our Guests with a disability are permitted. Am I able to get a replacement playing card if mine is lost? If your Topgolf playing card is lost, stolen or damaged, just stop by the Guest Services desk on your next visit, and we will replace it for a small fee of $1.

Do you have to pay if you don’t play at Topgolf?

Topgolf offers clubs for free or you can bring your own. But you don’t have to play golf. The site has also a full-service restaurant and bar with dozens of televisions and games.

Does Topgolf charge per person or per bay?

3 answers. over a year ago. It’s per bay, per hour.

Is Topgolf unlimited balls?

Unlimited Play $20 per person

You heard that right, you can hit unlimited golf balls in the morning for just $20 per person. That’s more swings and more savings. This gives you the flexibility to purchase the unlimited per person price, or the hourly bay rate.

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Does Topgolf take cash?

Yes you can pay in cash.

Can you get a hole in one at Topgolf?

Hole-in-One U.S.A. is proud to be the approved hole in one insurance provider of Topgolf. Benefits include: All Topgolf facilities receive preferred pricing for Hole-in-One contracts.

How many balls do you get at Topgolf?

20 balls

You get 20 balls per game. It usually takes us about an hour but really up to you how fast or slow you play.

How much is a bucket of balls at Topgolf?

It goes by the hour and price is $20 Monday-Friday day hrs starting at 6pm weekdays and weekends the price goes to $40 per hr. You can take more players but your time gets shorter hitting the ball.

Do you bring your own golf clubs to Topgolf?

Can I bring my own clubs? If you’re more comfortable playing with your own clubs, we have designated areas within our bays to store them. We will also store your clubs in our club room if we happen to be on a wait so that you can enjoy our venue without lugging them around.

Is Topgolf expensive?

Here’s how much a trip to Topgolf may cost you:-Topgolf’s website says, in most locations, it costs $25 to play per hour, per bay–which can fit up to six people–before noon. From noon to 5 p.m., it costs $35 per hour, and after 5 p.m., it costs $45 per hour.

How do you cheat on Topgolf?

You might not get huge points but you can score consistently, as long as you aim for a “bump and run” technique. Just grab a pitching wedge and clip the ball at shin height so it lands and rolls into the Red. By the time your mates caught on to your game plan, it’ll be too late to steal it.

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How does Topgolf payment work?

If you’ve never been to one and become a member, the Topgolf membership fee is just $5. You pay it once, and that’s it. That gets you a card to load up your time, your shot info and other stats. Second, then you pay a by-the-hour rate to rent the bays at Topgolf.

How far do Topgolf balls fly?

He set us up for the basic Topgolf game: we each got 20 balls to hit, and it was up to us to pick our targets. The farthest one was 215 yards. You earn points for hitting inside the electronic circles built around each different-colored flagstick; the closer to the center of each target, the more points earned.

How far is the farthest hole at Topgolf?

All of the targets are measured straight out, perpendicular to where they are located in the range (or, as they call it, the outfield). How far is the Topgolf fence? It’s 215 yards away, and that’s as far as you can hit it without trying to go over the fence, which you’re asked not to do.

How far is the white hole in Topgolf?

Blue – 150 yards. White – 185 yards. Range Net (Trench) – 215 yards.

Can you practice at Topgolf?

And what people may not know is topgolf actually stands for target. Oriented. Practice that's correct come in here you can play games you actually play virtual courses as well and work on your game.

How does Topgolf pick up the balls?

For TopGolf, the Impinj platform combined to create the perfect system for their games: At the tee, Callaway Golf balls are dispensed when active players wave their golf clubs in front of a motion sensor. A Monza RAIN RFID tag chip embedded inside the ball is read, associated with the player and activated for play.

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Does Topgolf track ball speed?

Toptracer Range features a number of modes and games, much like at Topgolf. For the serious golfer looking to focus on practice, there’s the driving range and “What’s In Your Bag.” I loved both of these features. They track things like total distance, carry, ball speed, launch and hang time.