What does swallowing stones mean?

What does it mean to swallow stones?

noun A stone fabled to be brought from the sea-shore by swallows to give sight to their young, and to be found in the stomachs of the latter. The myth is noticed by various writers, from Pliny or earlier to Longfellow.

What does the ghost tree represent in Swallowing Stones?

The ghost tree represents her father and the death.

What happens at the end of Swallowing Stones?

At the end of Swallowing Stones, Jenna discovers why she hasn’t felt comfortable around her boyfriend, Jason, since her father died.

What does Michael learn about Amy’s life Swallowing Stones?

Michael thinks she could have survived if she had remained calm and swallowed the stone instead. Michael thinks that if he doesn’t panic, he can swallow the stone of his guilt. It will tear his gut apart, but he will survive and have a future.

What are the effects of eating stones?

Women who eat the stone over a period of time lose their appetite. They also develop anaemia and suffer stomach ailments. Severe constipation is common. There are at least 25 to 30 cases of women complaining of stomach ache, giddiness and severe constipation referred to the primary health centre near Puranapul.

Is it bad to eat rocks?

Eating rocks can be good for you, but only the right ones!

Yes we do, because many breakfast cereals contain up to six elements (iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium) which are needed to keep our bodies healthy.

Who does Michael find at the ghost tree?

‘Like an old homing pigeon’ is a simile for the bullet. The police were searching for Michael’s Winchester rifle. Jenna is at the Ghost Tree when Michael goes to her to confess his guilt for her father’s death. He heard it on the radio in Joe’s car.

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How does Jenna escape her problems in swallowing stones?

How does each help her? Keeping room in order and doing math problems. She feels in control over her life and the math problems distract her.

Where is Karen Mackenzie in swallowing stones?

Karen McKenzie is Michaels mom and works and briarwood florest.

What is Amy Ruggerio’s reputation?

She has a bad reputation with others around her. she is easy to get. she is Soft-Hearted . Nobody knows her to well.

How old is Michael Mackenzie in swallowing stones?


Caught in the eye of the storm are 15-year-old Jenna Ward, whose father is struck by a stray bullet, and Michael MacKenzie, the 17-year-old who unknowingly fires the fatal shot.

Who are the main characters in swallowing stones?

Terms in this set (16)

  • Michael Mackenzie. The protaginist, the person who shot and killed Charlie Ward.
  • Jenna Ward. The antagonist, her father was shot while preparing the roof.
  • Andrea. Jenna’s friend.
  • Meredith Ward. Jenna’s mom and Charlie’s wife.
  • Amy Ruggerio. …
  • Joe Sadowski. …
  • Darcy Kelly. …
  • Josh Mackenzie.

Who is the town gossip in swallowing stones?

This is where Michael holds a vigil over Jenna’s house. This is the police officer who is in charge of the shooting investigation. She is the “town gossip” and seems to know everything before anyone else. He is a police officer and is called “the hangman” by the young people.