What happens in chapter 11 of the giver?

To receive memories, Jonas removes his shirt and lies facedown on a bed. The Elder puts his hands on Jonas’s back and begins to transmit the memory. This transmission includes concepts like snow, sledding, and hills.

What happens in chapter 12 of The Giver?

Jonas thinks the color is beautiful, and The Giver explains that he will soon be able to see all the colors. Naturally, Jonas wants to know why anyone would ever get rid of something so wonderful. The Giver explains that it was a choice, and that for losing things like color, they gained control.

What memory does The Giver give Jonas in Chapter 11?

of sunshine

Jonas receives a memory of sunshine that is as pleasurable as the sled-riding memory. Confused, Jonas questions The Giver about the pain that he’d been told he would have to endure.

What happened to snow Chapter 11 The Giver?

The snow was piled now around it, and he pushed with his body, moving it forward, not wanting the exhilarating ride to end. Finally the obstruction of the piled snow was too much for the thin runners of the sled, and he came to a stop. He sat there for a moment, panting, holding the rope in his cold hands.

What page is Chapter 11 of The Giver?

The sensation [makes] him smile.” Chapter 11, pg. 80 Although he is aware of the fact that he is on the bed in the room with the man, another part of him feels that he is sitting on something hard and flat. Even with his eyes closed, Jonas can see something floating in the air around him.

What happens at the end of Chapter 11 in the giver?

Jonas identifies warmth coming from the sky and decides that this mysterious thing is called “sunshine.” This, too, we are told, was done away with when they went to Sameness. The old man decides they are done for the day.

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What characters are in Chapter 11 of the giver?

  • Jonas.
  • The Giver.
  • Gabriel.
  • Jonas’s Father.
  • Fiona.
  • What is Jonas first lie?

    When Jonas’ mother asked him if he understood that using a word like “love” was inappropriate, he lied and told her yes. It was the first time he lied to his parents.

    What was Jonas’s reaction?

    What was Jonas’s reaction? He tried to make himself smaller in his seat.

    What was Chapter 10 about in The Giver?

    In chapter ten Jonas rides to the House of the Old with Fiona, who is nervous about going in even though she has been there many times before. She tells Jonas she will ride home with him later if they get out at the same time. Jonas walks behind the building the Annex.

    What happens in chapter 14 The Giver?

    The Giver transmits the memory of another ride on a sled, only this time the sled loses control and Jonas experiences pain and nausea from a badly broken leg. The pain lingers after the experience is over, but the Giver is not allowed to give him relief-of-pain, and Jonas limps home and goes to bed early.

    What happens in The Giver Chapter 9?

    In Chapter 9, Jonas realizes that his life will never be the same as a result of having been selected as the new Receiver of Memory. At the conclusion of the December Ceremony, Jonas immediately feels “separate, different.” People move aside for him to pass, and his peers are unsure of how to act toward him.

    What happens in chapter 13 of The Giver?

    In Chapter 13, The Giver transmits a painful memory of an elephant hunt to Jonas, during which an elephant is shot and killed for its tusks.

    What happens in The Giver Chapter 15?

    When Jonas shows up at The Giver’s room, the old man is crumpled in pain. Jonas readies to leave, but The Giver begs him to take some of the pain, which he willingly does. This time, Jonas receives the memory of a body-strewn battlefield.

    What happens in Chapter 8 of The Giver?

    Chapter 8 ends with Jonas confused about his future as the new Receiver of Memory. He feels fear because he will have to endure physical pain and will be alienated from his friends and family, but he feels pride because the members of the community are in awe of him — and he hasn’t done anything yet.

    What happens in chapter 19 of The Giver?

    Jonas realizes with horror that his father has killed the newchild—it twitched just as the dying man did on the battlefield. He realizes that “to be released” means to be killed. Without memory, Jonas father can’t understand the consequences of what he is doing.

    What happens in Chapter 20 in the Giver?

    On the morning of the annual Ceremony, Jonas will leave his bicycle by the river. Meanwhile, The Giver hides Jonas in the trunk of a vehicle and drives Jonas a ways to give him a good start on his escape. When people discover Jonas is missing, and then find his bicycle by the river, they’ll think that he’s drowned.

    What happens in the Giver Chapter 18?

    Jonas remembers what The Giver said about the memories that were released after Rosemary left. He realizes that he himself has an entire year’s worth of memories, and asks what would happen if he were to, say, drown in the river. Or something. The Giver advises that he try not to do that.

    What happens in chapter 21 of the Giver?

    Jonas notices that his memories are fading a bit, which is what he and The Giver had expected: as he moves further and further away from the community, the memories should be released to the citizens and thus fade from his mind. As the days go on, the planes become less and less frequent. Finally, they stop altogether.

    What happened in chapter 23 of The Giver?

    When the memory of sunshine is gone, he focuses on his memories of his friends, family, and The Giver. These memories, and his intense desire to keep Gabriel safe, help him make it to the top of the hill. The hill symbolizes Jonas’s final struggle. He must face this struggle without any help (or a bicycle).

    What happened in The Giver chapter 17?

    Four weeks after Jonas stops taking his pills, an unscheduled holiday is declared in the community. His Stirrings have returned, and he has pleasurable dreams that make him feel a little guilty, but he refuses to give up the heightened feelings that the Stirrings and his wonderful memories have given him.

    What happens in chapter 22 in The Giver?

    The landscape starts to change and become irregular. Jonas trips and twists an ankle on the unfamiliar terrain, but also sees a bird and waterfalls and wildflowers for the first time. The sight of these new things is thrilling, yet at the same time Jonas worries he won’t be able to protect Gabriel.

    What happens in chapter 24 of The Giver?

    With the sound of music flowing through Jonas’s ears, Jonas sped down the hill; anticipating the reaction of the people waiting for him below. Somehow, Jonas knew this would work out. He knew that Gabe would survive, that he would have family and friends to love and that they would love him back.

    What happened in Chapter 22 and 23 of The Giver?

    Quote from the video:
    We can imagine how miserable and dirty this poor baby feels. And looks Jonas and Gabriel climb up a very steep hill Jonas tries to keep them warm with memories. But it just leaves them feeling colder.