What is FBU Top Gun?

The FBU Top Gun Showcase is an annual national showcase, designed to highlight the best middle school and high school FBU student-athletes in an intense position-specific test of technical skill and ability.

How many people get invited to FBU Top Gun?

1,500 players

The company invites the top players from each regional camp to Top Gun each summer. Normally more than 1,500 players attend. This year about 800 participants – from sixth-graders to high school seniors – came to Naples, much fewer because FBU had to cancel most of its regional camps due to the coronavirus.

How do I get FBU?

Begin your path to getting better by creating a Football University profile, here. Once your profile is created and you are ready to sign up, visit our new registration page to complete FBU Camp registration. If you make your profile but aren’t ready to sign up on the same day, don’t worry.

Where is the Top Gun football camp?

Oklahoma City

Your Nearest FBU Camp is Oklahoma City | June 18th, 2022.

What is FBU football?

FBU National Championship | Youth Football’s Biggest Event. The FBU National Championship tournament celebrates and promotes youth football through uniting all-star athletes of all backgrounds from across the United States in a true, one-of-a-kind national tournament.

What does FBU mean?


Acronym Definition
FBU Fire Brigades Union
FBU Fraternité Blanche Universelle (French: Universal White Brotherhood)
FBU Federal Benefits Unit (Social Security, Medicare)
FBU Fast Binding Update

How many FBU teams are there?

The FBU National Championship is a 64-team single-elimination national football tournament with 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade brackets, culminating with Championship Weekend in Naples, Florida.

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Who started FBU?

1972. The FBI establishes the Behavioral Science Unit. The agents Patrick Mullany and Howard Teten form the unit, which was originally made of 10 agents, in response to the rising wave of sexual assault and homicide during the early 1970s.