What is the best food plot for deer in Louisiana?

Wheat is a cool season annual small grain that is widely used by deer in the early stages of growth. It, along with ryegrass, is a staple food plot item that represents some of the most used food plot ingredients for white-tailed deer. Establish plantings by broadcasting seed at the rate of 80 pounds per acre.

What is the best thing to plant to attract deer?

Plants that typically attract deer include red clover, chicory, and orchard grass. Certain high-protein crops, such as peas, soybeans, turnips, alfalfa, sorghum, kale, or corn, are also attractants that the animals enjoy feeding on. Deer like the nutritious nuts that come from chestnuts and acorns as well.

What do Louisiana deer like to eat?

Lots of acorns along with soybeans, fruits of the cucurbit plant and one locust pod is what this deer was eating,” Moreland said, adding he suspects with the broad landscape showing first-rate mast (tree nuts) production that deer across the southern parishes have a similar diet.

What is a deer’s favorite food plot?

Corn. The other big Midwestern crop, corn, is a top pick for deer food plots. Standing corn during deer season is an absolute must if you have the acreage. If you’re not arguing that soybeans are the number one food plot species, you would probably be voting for corn.

What is the fastest growing food plot for deer?

Autumn Quick Plot Seed is a fast growing blend of annuals and biennials formulated to be planted from late Summer to early Fall. It is one of our best food plot seed for deer in the Fall.

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What is a deer’s favorite food?

Food they absolutely love are: pecans, hickory nuts, beechnut acorns, as well as acorns. Fruits such as apples, blueberries, blackberries, and persimmons are also appealing to deer and satisfy their appetites.

What is the best deer bait?


By far the most popular and widely used bait for attracting whitetails is corn. Not only is deer corn highly consumed and well received by whitetails in almost every habitat across the continent, but it’s also one of the cheapest options for hunters.

What do deer eat in Big Woods?

The first issue is identifying what big-woods whitetails eat. In the Midwest and Northern regions, acorns, Japanese honeysuckle, grasses, weeds, leaves of berry brambles, leaves of aspen trees, mountain laurel, locust pods and woody browse are some of the more desirable big-woods food sources.

What do deer eat in the marsh?

In their preferred wetland habitat, marsh deer will tend to feed on grasses, reeds and aquatic plant species. During flooding, when such plant species may be unavailable for extended periods, they have been known to widen their preferences to include shrubs and vines.

What do deer eat after acorns are gone?

Deer will eat beech nuts, and cherry seeds. They also eat the leaves and stems of maple. Hemlock is also eaten. Deer eat a lot more than just acorns but when there are acorns off the white oak they seem to swarm to that area as long as they last.

What type of clover Do deer like best?

Arrowleaf Clover – Arrowleaf clover is a cool-season annual that is highly productive in fall and spring and a top-choice forage for whitetails. Though it’s an annual, arrowleaf clover is a heavy re-seeder – with the right management, you can get several seasons of production out of one planting.

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What is the best time to plant a food plot for deer?

The end of July and early August is arguably the best time of the year to plant a food plot. Weeds will be dying, moisture will be on the increase and food plotting practitioners have plenty of months to prepare their next great food plot planting.

What is a good perennial food plot for deer?

Some examples of perennial forages that are commonly planted for deer include various white clovers, red clover, alsike clover, alfalfa and chicory.

What food plot comes back every year?

Perennial food plots provide consistent nutrition throughout the year and with proper maintenance can last three to five years or more. Clovers are predominately the perennials Gamekeepers refer to, however alfalfa and chicory are also important great perennials depending on your location.

Can you plant alfalfa and clover together?

ADDED NUTRITION: Overseeding an alfalfa field with frosty berseem clover can increase the nutritional value and yield of hay. Frosty berseem clover mixed with alfalfa can boost yields of hay by almost 30%.

What is chicory for deer?

Chicory has many qualities that make it an excellent choice to include in food plots managed for deer. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of chicory is it produces a long tap root, which helps it reach deep moisture during dry periods. This is especially true for sandy soils or in drier regions.

Do you mow chicory?

Maintenance on chicory is minimal. In the summer, as chicory plants begin to sprout flowering stems, mow the stem down to encourage new leaf growth. This periodic mowing is important to discourage the reproductive process of the plants and direct nutrients into forage production rather than stem and flower production.

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Can you plant chicory and clover together?

Chicory also breaks winter dormancy earlier and is well managed in a mix with clover, very drought tolerant plant due to it’s long tap root which significantly increases survival under grazing providing a longer growing season of high quality forage.

How late can you plant chicory?

Chicory is a fast-growing plant. It has wide planting windows because of that. It can be planted in either the spring or late summer/early fall.

Does chicory grow in Louisiana?

“They really all originate here in New Orleans.” Today, very little chicory is grown commercially in the United States for use in coffee. Cafe du Monde, for example sources its roasts from a company in Leroux, France. Fun Fact: “Chicory” is also the common name in the United States for curly endive.

Do turkeys eat chicory?

Turkey also love, love, love young chicory and I probably lose 50% of my chicory to turkeys that pull out the young plants when they are about 3 inches high. One customer I have plants a “turkey strip” of pure chicory every year and he has pics of turkeys running deer out of “their” plot.