What is the first clue in the 39 Clues?

List of Clues

Number Clue Branch
1 Honey Janus
2 Hydrogen Ekat
3 Silver Ekat
4 Pepper Madrigal

What is the answer to The 39 Clues?

Clues involve cryptic references (It’s hard for the pilot to relax, indicating Los Angeles, because their airport is symbolised by LAX), flags and anagrams.
Answers Chart.

37 Jerusalem
38 London
39 London
40 Los Angeles

Is Percy Jackson in The 39 Clues?

Crossover between Percy Jackson and the 39 clues. When Percy Jackson receives an Iris Message from an unknown person, he travels to Attleboro to answer the call. Meanwhile, Amy and Dan Cahill have received a letter from the Vespers.

Who does Amy Cahill end up with?

Amy is currently dating Evan Tolliver, and has been for months. She had obsessed over him for the past two years before working up the courage to talk to him.

How old is Irina spasky in The 39 Clues?

forty-seven years old

Irina Spasky
She is forty-seven years old, and always wears her KGB uniform, which she used during the Cold War.

What is the name of 39 Clues book 2?

Two: One False Note

Super-selling author Gordon Korman sends Amy and Dan off on a wild chase in Book 2 of the highly-anticipated 39 Clues series.

Who wrote 39 clues maze of bones?

The first book in this groundbreaking multimedia series sends readers around the world on the hunt for the 39 Clues. Written by #1 New York Times bestseller Rick Riordan, and backed by $100,000 in prizes!

How many books are in The Maze of Bones series?


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This series will keep people of all ages reading for years to come. If you like figuring out clues, the maze of bones is the book for you. There are ten, books you should read them all. Maze of bones is a book that has a lot of clues.

What was the first clue in The Maze of Bones?

Dan, however, still possesses the original paper from the vial, and solves the first clue–iron solute. More research and a further investigation of the magic number box leads Amy and Dan to turn their attention to Vienna, to investigate Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Is the Cahill family real?

The Cahill family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. The most Cahill families were found in the USA in 1880. In 1840 there were 23 Cahill families living in Ohio. This was about 24% of all the recorded Cahill’s in the USA.

Are Amy and Ian Related 39 Clues?

<– Amy and Ian are actually fifth cousins and cousins can’t date or marry only up to second cousins, so even though I don’t ship Amian, they are able to date. AmIan (Amy x Ian) 39 Clues.

Is Arthur Cahill alive?

Arthur Trent is the father of Amy Cahill and Dan Cahill.

Arthur Trent
Status Deceased
Location N/A

Who is Amy Cahill?

Amy Cahill is a fourteen-year-old girl from Boston. She loves books,libraries, and reading. She stutters alot infront of people that are not Dan. She is a Madrigal and is hunting for the 39 Clues with her brother: Dan Cahill.

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Is Sinead Starling a Vesper?

Sinead Starling is a member of the Cahill family, belonging to the Ekaterina and Madrigal branches. She is one of the Starling triplets, who formed a team during the Clue Hunt. Sinead is also a former Vesper, and held the title of Vesper Three during the events of Cahills vs. Vespers.

Is Arthur Trent a Vesper?

History. Arthur Trent was born to a family with close ties to the organization known as the Vespers. He was raised to hate the Cahills and think of them as weaklings. He attended West Point Military Academy, and was roommates with Eisenhower Holt, as revealed on Card 145 and on a Vesper hunt mission (game).

Who is vesper3?

Vesper Three, also known as The Mole, is a member of the Vesper Council of Six. Vesper Three is an expert in infiltration, and spies on the enemies of the Vespers from within. The most recent Vesper Three is Sinead Starling, a Cahill defector.

Who is vesper6?

Vesper Six was one of the Vesper Council of Six who were the highest-ranked Vespers. Her job was to execute Vesper One’s plans by any means necessary. She was glad that she was in the council of six and her brother (Casper Wyoming) wasn’t.

Who is Damien Vesper?

Damien Vesper was the founder of the organization, the Vespers. He was born in 1455. Damien was good friends with Gideon for some time but later betrayed Gideon for the Master Serum. When Gideon became paranoid and moved to Cahill Island, Damien was the only person he would let on the island besides the Cahills.

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Who is vesper4?

Vesper Four, also known as The Scientist, is a member of the Vesper Council of Six. Vesper Four is responsible for developing surveillance equipment and weapons. The most recent Vesper Four was Sandy Bancroft.

Who is Jonah wizard?

Jonah Wizard is one of the Cahills in the hunt for The 39 Clues. He is an international pop-star and his mother, Cora Wizard (a famous artist), is the leader of the Janus Branch. His father, Broderick Wizard, is his guide and ally throughout the Hunt, and together they form Team Six.

Is Atticus a Vesper?

He was originally a Vesper suspect, because according to his card, he has come from a family with a dark past, and in Mission 1: The Medusa Plot, he is one of the suspects included in the list of possible suspects for Vesper Six, along with his brother, Jake.

Is the 39 Clues a movie?

If you were looking for the book series, please go here. The 39 Clues: The Movie is the upcoming movie for The 39 Clues. Steven Spielberg acquired film rights to the series in June 2008.