What is the Malay man Catcher?

The Malay mancatcher is the name of a trap that Rainsford sets for General Zaroff in the story “The Most Dangerous Game.” It is made by laying a dead tree on a living one, with a trigger which when touched sends the dead tree crashing down, possibly hurting the person for whom the trap is intended.

What is the Malay man catcher used for?

This trap is called the Malay Mancatcher, because when someone steps on the trigger, it causes the smaller tree to give way, allowing the larger tree to crush what is under it. Rainsford hopes that Zaroff will step on the trigger and be killed by the weight of the large tree.

Who is killed by the Burmese tiger pit?

Short Answer: One of General Zaroff’s best hunting dogs is killed after falling into the Burmese tiger pit. mwestwood, M.A. One of General Zaroff’s best hunting dogs falls into the Burmese tiger pit which Rainsford has constructed.

What is Rainsford’s idea at Death Swamp?

What is Rainsford’s idea at Death Swamp? It is ironic because Rainsford is a hunter; however, now he is the one being hunted. Why is it ironic that Rainsford is being hunted? As he climbs up the tree, Rainsford wanted to see that his knife had struck Zaroff; however, it had hit Ivan instead.

What does Rainsford’s Burmese tiger pit claim?

What kind of success does Rainsford’s knife trap have? Rainsford’s Burmese Tiger pit claimed a victim. … He attaches his knife to a sapling and launches it down the trail.

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How does Sanger Rainsford see the world?

Rainsford believes that the world is made up of hunters and hunted. A world-renowned big-game hunter and the story’s protagonist. A Russian Cossack and expatriate who lives on Ship-Trap Island and enjoys hunting men.

What happened to General Zaroff at the end of the story?

At the end of the story General Zaroff died. In spite of being hurt, Zaroff congratulates Rainsford on his “Malay mancatcher,” why? He congratulates him because all that Zaroff cared about was the hunt and he was having a good time. Fear creates the will to live.

What is the Uganda knife trick?

A knife is tied it to a sapling: the point is facing in the direction of the oncoming enemy. A trip line is made and when activated, the knife springs out and into the victim. In this case, Ivan is impaled by the knife.

What does Zaroff mean when he nods to Ivan?

What does Zaroff mean when he nods to Ivan? He is giving Rainsford the choice to join his hunt or be hurt by Ivan, which is the choice he gives his other victims.

Why does Zaroff feel his game is not immoral?

In “The Most Dangerous Game,” why does Zaroff feel his game is not immoral? He does not directly kill his victims. … He respects his victims’ feelings. He believes that the weak exist to give pleasure to the strong.

What sound woke up Rainsford?

Rainsford declines Zaroff’s invitation to join in the hunt that night and goes to bed. After a fitful night of insomnia and light dozing, the sound of a distant pistol shot awakens him in the early morning.

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What do Rainsford and Whitney disagree on?

What do Whitney and Rainsford disagree about at the beginning about at the beginning of the story. Rainsford believes that the world consists only of predators and prey, although Whitney is not as certain. Zaroff hints that he has found a new kind of animal to hunt, one with courage, cunning, and reason.

Why does Zaroff suggest that Rainsford wear moccasins?

Why does Zaroff suggest Rainsford wear moccasins? Zaroff suggested Rainsford wear moccasins because to prevent him from leaving a trail. … Rainsford killed General Zaroff at the end of the story.

What happened Zaroff’s favorite dog Lazarus?

What happens to Zaroff’s favorite dog, Lazarus? Lazarus, one of Zaroff’s hounds, died in a swamp, as he was following a huntee.

What is meant by he lived a year in a minute?

The quote “he lived a year in a minute” applies to each time Rainsford thinks that Zaroff has found him or is about to find him in the jungle. Rainsford is fearful of Zaroff finding him because if Zaroff finds him, Zaroff will kill him.

Does Zaroff know Rainsford is in the tree?

Do you think he was right? Give reasons. Rainsford believed Zaroff knew he was hiding in the tree because Zaroff had looked at the tree and smiled.

What was the outcome of the third trap?

What is the outcome of each trick? The first trap is the Malay Mancatcher, which injured General Zaroff really bad. The second trap is the Burmese Tiger Pit, which killed Zaroff’s best dog. The third trap was the Ugandan Native Trick, which killed Ivan.

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What is the other option if the person refuses to participate in the game?

What is the other option if the person refuses to participate in the game? They are turned over to Ivan. Where is Rainsford’s first hiding place? On the first night that he’s being hunted, Rainsford spends the whole night on the run from Zaroff.