What is Tiger Rock Martial Arts?

What style is Tiger Rock Martial Arts?


Tiger Rock Martial Arts is a progressive martial art, rooted deeply in Korean Taekwondo ancestral teachings but ever evolving. Taekwondo, a portmanteau of three Korean words – tae (“foot”), kwon (“hand”), and do (“way”), is a Korean martialart developed in the years following World War II.

Who started Tiger Rock Martial Arts?

Craig Kollars

In the early 1970’s, founders Art Monroe, Craig Kollars, and Bert Kollars decided to pursue their passion for the martial arts as a business opportunity.

What type of martial arts did Tiger Shroff learn?

He knows a staggering number of fighting styles including Kalaripayattu, kung fu, Krav Maga and pencak silat. He’s also trained in gymnastics and can do a full split.