What kind of cowboy hat does Jason Aldean wear?

palm leaf cowboy hatpalm leaf cowboy hat with brown detailing can only mean one thing — Jason Aldean is in the house! The 44-year-old Georgia native has sported the signature hat since his start in the early 2000s and remained loyal by wearing it for all his major musical milestones.

What Straw Hat does Jason Aldean?

black palm straw hat

Ride into the wind with this “Asphalt Cowboy” black palm straw hat from Resistol’s Jason Aldean collection. This western hat, which was worn by Aldean at the 44th Annual CMA Awards in 2010, is named after the hit country song, “Asphalt Cowboy,” from his self-titled album released in 2005.

What is the name of the hat cowboys wear?

The round, curved brim and pinched crown has made the cowboy hat the most recognized piece of Western wear, but it didn’t always have this look. John B. Stetson, a famous hat manufacturer from Philadelphia created the “Boss of the Plains” hat in 1865.

What is the most popular cowboy hat?

The Cattleman

The Cattleman: Considered by some to be the most popular style of cowboy hat today, the Cattleman looks like everyone’s idea of the traditional cowboy hat, as seen in thousands of Hollywood movies. It has three creases in the top of the crown and a brim that slightly curves.

Why does Jason Aldean always wear a hat?

When Jason performs, he can almost always be seen wearing a cowboy hat. But when he’s just hanging out with his family, he generally opts to wear a baseball cap instead. That’s the headwear he chose to don while he, Brittany, Memphis, and Navy were on a recent vacation in North Carolina.

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What ball cap does Jason Aldean?

The cattleman 4 1/8” crown and 4 1/8” brim are just the way that Jason likes to wear his hats. It’s also a great way for you to imitate Jason’s urban cowboy style. You can’t go wrong with any of the quality hats from Resistol.

What hat Does Kenny Chesney wear?

Sometimes you might catch him a dark mood, wearing an official Blue Chair Bay Black Wool Pirate Cowboy Hat, but he usually saves those for formal occasions, like awards shows.

Is singer Alan Jackson bald?

While Alan Jackson doesn’t have his head full of hair, he is not completely bald. The queries of the singer being bald have lasted more than a decade on the internet and many speculations have arisen in the past. However, Jackson still has hair on his head and is not as hairless as some people think of him.

What cowboy hat does Trace Adkins?

In this video, Trace uses his favorite type of hat, a “teardrop crown” hat, to show people exactly how he folds the hats he wears. This video is informational, and clever!

Does Kenny Chesney ever take off his hat?

Rarely do stars like Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Alan Jackson and Zac Brown leave home without their signature head-toppers. You might be surprised to learn that plenty of them sport a pretty nice head of hair, however.

Why does Alan Jackson wear a hat all the time?

Besides being a country music star, Jackson really wears the hat for one specific reason. The hat covers up a scar he got as a teenager. When he was young, Jackson accidentally rammed his head through a glass door. It left him with a pretty wicked forehead scar that he hides with his hat.

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Why does Brad Paisley wear a hat?

But Paisley liked the idea of wearing a hat, because it was visual proof of his commitment to the genre’s history, and to its fans. Still, it took him a while to refine his hat identity.