What year is my Massey Ferguson 135?

The Massey 135 is a popular model from the Massey Ferguson 100 series. The Massey Ferguson 135 was produced from 1964 to 1975 and was a successor to the Massey Ferguson 35.

How do I find out what year my Massey Ferguson tractor is?

How to Locate a Massey Ferguson Tractor Model Number

  1. Locate the model or serial number stamped on a plate on the left or right side of the main frame. …
  2. Look through your user manual that came with your tractor to see if the model number is printed on the cover, the first page or the last page.

How do you tell the year of a tractor serial number?

Your serial number should lie between two of the stated numbers. Example: In this example, tractor serial number was 900 was built in 1981 because it is after the first serial number for 1981 but before the first number for 1982. The list only shows the number from the first tractor built in each year.

What year did they stop making Massey Ferguson 135?


Production of the 135 began in 1964 and ended in 1975, when it was succeeded by the Massey Ferguson 235.

Where is the VIN number on a Massey Ferguson tractor?

The VIN number plate is located below the right hand cabin door, and stamped into the right hand chassis rail.

How do I identify my old tractor?

To determine this, look at the tractor production code, also known as the unit date code. The first digit of the tractor production code gives the production year. For tractors manufactured between 1965 and 1974, the digit corresponds with the last number in the year.

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How do I look up a serial number?

Android tablet Settings feature

  1. Option one: Open Settings > About Tablet > Status > Serial Number.
  2. Option two: For most products, the serial number can be viewed at the bottom of the device back cover.

How do you read a Massey Ferguson serial number?

To identify your serial number look on the instrument panel below the steering column. It can also be found on models on the right side of the engine, under the battery tray.

Do tractors have VIN numbers?

Tractors have VIN or Chassis numbers usually below the driver’s seat. Every manufacturer engraves a VIN number on every tractor body they produce. They are free to place it anywhere on the whole body.

How do I read my JD serial number?

Identify the last six letters and numbers in a 13-symbol VIN or the last five digits in a 17-symbol VIN. This is the serial number and is unique to your specific tractor. The serial number can be used to track and identify individual John Deere tractors.

How do you date a GREY Ferguson?

The serial plate should be on the bottom of the dash board to the right on this range of tractors. There is a date code in front of the transmission housing dip stick (response lever on 135) and again in front of the steering drop arm. I should be able to date your tractor to the year it was built from these codes.

What year is a Massey Ferguson 165?


Make: Massey-Ferguson Model: 165 Years Made: 1964-1975
Engine-Cyl(s)-CID: 4/203.5 Transmission-STD: MULTIPOWER Optional:
Fwd/Rev Standard: 12/ Fwd/Rev Optional: Mfwd-Std/Opt:
Tires-Std Front: 6.00-16 Tires-Std Rear: 14.9-28 Wheelbase-Inch:
Pto Type: LIVE Pto Speed: 540 CAT I-3pt Hitch: True
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What year is my Massey Ferguson 255?


Make: Massey-Ferguson Model: 255 Years Made: 1975-1981
HP-Range: 51 Engine-Make: PERKINS Engine-Fuel: DIESEL
Engine-Cyl(s)-CID: 4/203 Transmission-STD: GEAR Optional:
Fwd/Rev Standard: 8/2 Fwd/Rev Optional: Mfwd-Std/Opt:
Tires-Std Front: 7.5L-15 Tires-Std Rear: 16.9-28 Wheelbase-Inch:

What horsepower is a 255 Massey Ferguson tractor?

Massey Ferguson 255

Massey Ferguson 255 Power
Drawbar (claimed): 42 hp 31.3 kW
PTO (claimed): 50 hp 37.3 kW
Drawbar (tested): 43.49 hp 32.4 kW
PTO (tested): 52.68 hp 39.3 kW

What year is my Massey Ferguson 35?

Identify your Massey 35

YEAR Description
1957-1959 Tractor, Massey Ferguson/Standard built with Standard 23c diesel engine. Grey engine and transmission and red tinwork.
1959-1962 Tractor with Perkins 3.152 diesel engine. From serial no. 165596.
1962-1964 Tractor with Perkins A3.152 diesel engine. From serial no. 302413

What year is Massey Ferguson 65?

Massey Ferguson 65

65 Serial Numbers
Location: The Massey Ferguson serial number plate located either on the instrument panel or on the right side of the battery support bracket.
1963: 693040 (USA)
1964: 701057 (USA)
1965: 710788 (USA)

What engine does Massey 65 have?

Massey Ferguson 65 Engine

Engine Detail
Perkins 4A-203
liquid-cooled vertical L-head
Displacement: 203.5 ci 3.3 L
Bore/Stroke: 3.60×5.00 inches 91 x 127 mm

What year is Massey Ferguson 240?


Make: Massey-Ferguson Model: 240 Years Made: 1983-1999
HP-Range: 41 Engine-Make: PERKINS Engine-Fuel: DIESEL
Engine-Cyl(s)-CID: 3/152 Transmission-STD: GEAR Optional:
Fwd/Rev Standard: 8/2 Fwd/Rev Optional: Mfwd-Std/Opt: OPT
Tires-Std Front: 6.00-16 Tires-Std Rear: 13.6-28 Wheelbase-Inch: 74.5

What horsepower is a 240 Massey Ferguson?

Massey Ferguson 240

Massey Ferguson 240 Power
Engine: 46 hp 34.3 kW
PTO (claimed): 41 hp 30.6 kW
Drawbar (tested): 28.69 hp 21.4 kW
PTO (tested): 34.77 hp 25.9 kW
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Where is the serial number on a Massey Ferguson 165?

Location: Serial number plate on the dashboard of the 165, below the steering column.

What horsepower is a 253 Massey Ferguson tractor?

Massey Ferguson 253

Massey Ferguson 253 Power
Engine: 57 hp 42.5 kW
PTO (claimed): 48 hp 35.8 kW

How much does an old Massey Ferguson tractor weigh?

The Massey Ferguson 135 (MF135) was a tractor produced by Massey Ferguson.

Massey Ferguson 135
Manufacturer Massey Ferguson
Production 1964–1975
Weight 2,940–3,130 pounds (1,330–1,420 kg)
Propulsion Wheels

How many horsepower is a Massey Ferguson 250?

Massey Ferguson 250

Massey Ferguson 250 Power
PTO (claimed): 40 hp 29.8 kW
Drawbar (tested): 34.69 hp 25.9 kW
PTO (tested): 40.86 hp 30.5 kW
power test details …

What year is Massey Ferguson 250 made?

The Massey Ferguson 250 (MF 250) was a two-wheel-drive tractor made in Coventry, England from 1983 to 1986. Part of the 200 series, it was the model that replaced the MF 245. Its last known price was US$ 15,800 back in 1986.

Does Massey Ferguson still make tractors?

Today, Massey Ferguson sells its products worldwide and operates eight global manufacturing locations. Tractors manufactured at its Beauvais (France), Changzhou (China), Canoas (Brazil), and Mogi das Cruzes (Brazil) factories.