Where are snowboards made?

Top Snowboard Manufacturers in the USA

Company Headquarters
1. Backcountry.com Utah
2. Burton Snowboards Vermont
3. Ride Snowboards (K2 Sports) Washington
4. Mervin Manufacturing Washington

Where are snowboards produced?

Traditionally, snowboards have been produced in a handful of factories in the US and Europe (Austria most notably) but recently, more and more brands are choosing affordability over heritage by moving their manufacture to China or Taiwan.

Where does Burton manufacture their snowboards?

Most of its snowboards are made at the Keil factory with 80 workers in Austria; other items are made at an array of facilities all over the world.

Are Ride Snowboards made in China?

Currently, most Burton snowboards are being made in China, while some of the higher-end boards are being produced in Austria like the board shown below, the Burton Mystery with a $1699.95 price tag, be sure to bring that board inside the lodge with you.

Are Salomon snowboards made in China?

Salomon’s snowboarding headquarters are based in Portland, Oregon, and this is where much of the brand marketing takes place. However, the design and development takes place in France, and the manufacturing facilities are in France and Bulgaria.

What snowboards are made in the USA?

Top Snowboard Manufacturers in the USA

Company Headquarters
1. Backcountry.com Utah
2. Burton Snowboards Vermont
3. Ride Snowboards (K2 Sports) Washington
4. Mervin Manufacturing Washington

What snowboards are made in Austria?

CAPiTA Snowboards are hand-crafted in Austria with 100% clean energy at our own manufacturing facility. Completed in 2016, MARS1: MOTHERSHIP ADVANCED RESEARCH STATION 1 is the most technologically advanced and ecologically responsible manufacturing facility in the snowboard industry.

Where are Cardiff snowboards made?


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001. The origins of Cardiff Snowcraft lay in a steep alpine cirque at the head of Cardiff Fork, in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

Where are DWD snowboards made?


We also host #RatTales on our site; a mix of park and some street edits that are submitted throughout the year by kids riding their DWD decks around the globe. Where are you manufacturing your snowboards? Our boards are manufactured in Austria, at Capita Mfg. They’re a solid crew and they’re excited about what they do!

Where are Endeavor snowboards made?

ENDEAVOR. Founded and based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, actual manufacturing takes place in China.

Who owns Burton?

Donna Carpenter

As a sustainability leader within the outdoor and winter sports industries, Burton is the world’s first snowboard company to become a certified B Corporation®. Privately held and owned by Donna Carpenter, Burton’s headquarters are in Burlington, Vermont with offices in Austria, Japan, Australia, Canada and China.

Where are Jones snowboard made?

Jones Snowboards are produced in the GST factory in Antiesenhofen, Austria, which is a snowboard-only production facility, that is highly ranked for its sustainable production. 95% of the used materials are sourced within 500 km of the factory which ensures a small environmental footprint.

Where are Roxy snowboards made?

The majority of the ROXY board line is built at Mervin Mfg. in the USA. The world’s most environmental snowboard factory where boards are built in a zero hazardous waste facility. We also offer 3 package models for beginner to intermediate riders, with boards built in Taiwan and China.

Where Are Never Summer snowboards made?

Denver, Colorado

Designing and Building Never Summer Snowboards Since 1991
Each board is carefully handcrafted in our Denver, Colorado factory to precision tolerances.

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Where are K2 snowboards made?

Made right here in Washington State, the USA K2 Alchemist Snowboard is built for experienced snowboarders looking for a quick, fast, and hyper-precise snowboard that will confidently perform anywhere you take it.

Where are Nitro boards made?

All of Nitro’s snowboards are designed in their design office in Seattle and manufactured in Austria. Their product range consists of snowboards, bindings, boots and softgoods.

Where are Kemper Snowboards made?

Kemper Snowboards was officially founded in 1987 by David Kemper who built the first boards in his garage in Ontario, Canada dating back to the winter of 1984/85. Once the brand started to gain momentum, Kemper moved its board production to a snowboard factory in Montreal, Canada for the 1988/89 snowboarding season.

Where are Rome snowboards made?


Saint-Narcisse-de-Rimouski, Québec. Home to only a 1,000 people and one of the most legit snowboard factories on the planet. Utopie Snowboard MFG was built on the passion and dedication from Jean-François Bouchard.

Where are Rossignol snowboards made?

As the C.E.O. of Rossignol Snowboards I can promise that the 2013/2014 line will be the best snowboards ever produced by Rossignol due to select models being manufactured in our France factory in La Buisse, and advanced technology such as MagTek construction and Magne-Traction Edges.

Is Rossignol made in China?

Skis Rossignol S.A., or simply Rossignol, is a French manufacturer of alpine, snowboard, and Nordic equipment, as well as related outerwear and accessories, located in Isère, France. …

What brands does Burton own?

As of 2009, Burton owned ten companies that sold snowboards, outerwear, and shoes: R.E.D, Gravis, Anon, Analog, Forum, Special Blend, Foursquare, Jeenyus, and, most recently, Channel Islands. In 2008, Burton began to make surfboards in Vermont.

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Where are Korua snowboards made?


Best German Snowboard Brand: Korua Shapes
As one would expect from a snowboard brand based in Germany, Korua Shapes is all about serious efficiency, refined power, and design innovation. These boards are built to carve. And carve fast. Watch Korua’s excellent video series Yearning for Turning then say, “ah I get it!”

Where are Sims snowboards made?

Check out SIMS website for all the details on their snowboards, all SIMS snowboards are made in the U.S.A at the Never Summer Industries factory in Denver, CO.

Who owns Endeavour snowboards?

We work with seven factories in China, where all of our products are made, and ship with 3PL warehouses in Canada, USA, and Holland. Endeavor is a family business, owned and operated by pro snowboarder Max Jenke and his father-in-law Bruce Wells, a fashion manufacturer and retailer from New Zealand.

Where is Korua based?


Korua Snowboards are based in Germany, and have become one of the most sought after snowboard brands around. The Korua Team ride hard, and produce some of the best videos in the industry. Their Yearning for Turning series is a must watch for anyone.

Who owns Korua shapes?

Nicholas Wolken

II – Carving Europe just released [watch it – it’s pure radness], we decided it was time to get deep into the carve with Korua Shapes co-founder, Nicholas Wolken, to find out what their boards are all about… Snowboarding’s not exactly the first hit when you Google ‘Get Rich Quick’ these days.