Where is the longest steep run to use for training in the eastern United States?

What is the steepest trail in the East?

The famed White Heat trail at Maine’s Sunday River Resort (207-824-3500, www.sundayriver.com) is dubbed the “longest, steepest, widest, lift-serviced expert trail in the East.” Hit the mogul side for a sustained knee-crunching, thigh-burning workout.

What is the steepest slope on the east coast?

The ski resort Beech Mountain is the highest ski resort on the East Coast. With 1,678 m , it has the highest slope/ski slope or the highest ski lift/lift on the East Coast.

What is the steepest ski run in USA?


At a pitch of 55 degrees for about 300 yards, Rambo at Crested Butte Mountain Resort in Colorado is generally cited as the steepest cut ski run in North America.

What is the steepest ski trail in the Northeast?

Paradise, Mad River Glen

Argument can be made, fairly convincingly, that this is the No. 1 gnarly trail in the East. Cliff bands, frozen waterfalls, trees, rock outcroppings, ice, powder, packed powder, bumps.

How steep is Jay Peak?

Jay Peak is home to the “Face Chutes,” arguably the most challenging and steepest marked terrain in the east with an average slope of 56.5 percent (almost 30°) and a maximum slope of 73.9 percent (37°).

What is the steepest ski run in the world?

The 78 percent gradient of Harakiri makes it the steepest groomed run in the world. One slip on this icy groomer would most likely send a skier tumbling down the length of the run. Harakiri, the Japanese term for ritual suicide, is a fitting name for the Austrian slope.

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How steep are ski runs?

The steepness of ski trails is usually measured by grade (as a percentage) instead of degree angle. In general, beginner slopes (green circle) are between 6% and 25%. Intermediate slopes (blue square) are between 25% and 40%. Difficult slopes (black diamond) are 40% and up.

How steep is a 45 degree ski slope?

A 45-degree pitch is equivalent to a 100-percent grade, and both mean that a run descends one vertical foot for each horizontal foot. “In perspective, a very steep highway-pass road is approximately 7 percent or about 4 degrees,” according to the Highlands Extreme Guide trail map.

What is a 45 degree slope?

A 45 degree pitch is equivalent to a 100 percent grade, and means that a run descends one vertical foot for each horizontal foot.

What is the longest ski run in North America?

The Last Spike Run

Found at Revelstoke Mountain Resort in British Columbia, Canada, The Last Spike Run is a staggering 9.5 miles long, and is groomed often. It’s one of the 10 longest ski pistes in the world, and the longest in North America.

What is the steepest ski trail in NH?

Located off the tram at Cannon are two trails that are capable of making the preponderance of skiers and riders proclaim, “Damn, you would need to be absolutely Kray-Kray to attempt that nonsense!”. The trails are DJ’s Tramline and Kinsman Glade.

What is the steepest ski trail in New York?

Those who love steep runs will enjoy Catapult, claimed to be the steepest run in all of the Northeast. For those who can’t make it to the eastern mountains of New York, there is Greek Peak, one of many “home hills” in Upstate New York.

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How steep is Tuckerman’s Ravine?

Tuckerman Ravine has many different runs that span the bowl, all as steep as 40 to 55 degrees. From the base of the bowl, the run farthest to the left is known simply as “Left Gully” and is one of the easiest runs. Moving to the right, the runs are more challenging and steeper.

How steep is Taos?

Yes, Taos’ 3,131 feet of vertical drop make it one of North America’s steepest mountains where heart-pounding descents off Kachina Peak, Highline Ridge, and West Basin Ridge are perennial routes for the Freeride World Tour extreme ski competitions.

What is the steepest run at Taos Ski Valley?

Harakiri. Harakiri is a terrifying ski run; it is the world’s steepest groomed slope. Prepare yourself because Harakiri stands vertical at 78%. Luckily for skiers it is a short run, but that doesn’t mean it is easy!

Does Taos mean steep?

“TAOS, a 4 letter word for steep!” It’s posted just about everywhere you go, and it’s no lie. Our buddy “Q,” decided to head west and confirms this statement in our latest installment of Local’s Lowdown. Taos is a mountain that doesn’t normally come up in conversation.

What is the elevation of Taos Ski Valley?

The Village of Taos Ski Valley sits at a base elevation of 9,200 feet and offers year-round activities including summer mountain biking, hiking and scenic lift rides for those in search of a view.

What is the elevation of Ski Santa Fe?

10,350 ft

With a base elevation of 10,350 ft, Ski Santa Fe is the launching point for a ski experience you will never forget, whether cruising the perfect groomers or exploring the extensive gladed runs.

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What is the elevation of Ruidoso NM?


The small mountain village of Ruidoso is situated in the heart of the Sacramento Mountains of southern New Mexico and on the northern edge of the Mescalaro Apache Indian Reservation and at an elevation of 6900 feet offers high altitude relief from the desert heat of the surrounding high desert.