Who holds the British record for ski jumping?

Eddie still holds the British Olympic record for ski jumping at 71 metres; his personal best is currently 119.5 metres.

Who holds the British Olympic ski jump record?

He held the British ski jumping record from . He also took part in amateur speed skiing, running at 106.8 km/h (66.4 mph), and became a stunt jumping world record holder for jumping over 6 buses.

Eddie the Eagle
Seasons 1987–1989
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Who holds the world record for ski jumping?

Stefan Kraft

Record jumps
As of March 2017, the official world record for the longest ski jump is 253.5 m (832 ft), set by Stefan Kraft at Vikersundbakken in Vikersund, Norway. Two years prior, also in Vikersund, Dimitry Vassiliev reached 254 m (833 ft) but fell upon landing; his jump is unofficially the longest ever made.

Are there any British ski jumpers?

Granted, Britain has only had three other ski jumpers; Sepp Muehlbauer, who was Swiss but competed for the Ski Club of Great Britain in the 1928 Games, the aforementioned Edwards and Glynn Pedersen who represented GB at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Have there been any British ski jumpers since Eddie the Eagle?

This week history has been made as both male and female competed for Team GB at an Olympics event. Mani Cooper became Britain’s first ever ski jumper when she participated in the combined event at the World Youth Olympics.

Who trained Eddie the Eagle?

Chuck Berghorn

With little money, he couldn’t afford a regular coach once he decided to switch to ski jumping. Chuck Berghorn is not an Olympic medallist like Jackman’s character but he does claim to have trained Eddie in 1986 in Lake Placid.

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Why did Eddie the Eagle stop jumping?

Why did Eddie the Eagle stop jumping? Eddie Edwards (Eddie the Eagle) was made of tough stuff. He didn’t let poor equipment or a lack of skill or training get in his way of competing in the 1988 Olympics.

Which country has the best ski jumpers?


Top Positions %
1 Germany 27.4
2 Austria 19.2
3 Poland 14.4
4 Norway 14.4

Is Eddie the Eagle still British record holder?

Eddie still holds the British Olympic record for ski jumping at 71 metres; his personal best is currently 119.5 metres. He holds the world record for stunt jumping (10 cars/6 buses) and was ranked world number 9 at amateur speed skiing (106.8mph).

What is the Olympic record for ski jump?

Stefan Kraft holds the current record for the longest ski jump in history at 830 feet (253 meters), but he set that record outside of the Olympic Games on a track in Norway.

How many bones did Eddie the Eagle break?

In the 20 months between Eddie picking up ski jumping and competing in the Calgary Winter Olympics, he put his body through tremendous trauma. “I fractured my skull twice – even though I was wearing a helmet – and I broke my jaw, smashed my collarbone, broke three ribs, damaged my kidney and knee.

How many Metres did Eddie the Eagle jump?

But nothing could stop him on the way to his dream and the future Eagle continued to train hard. Despite finishing last at the 1987 World Championships, Edwards still managed to meet the Olympic standard (at the time) by jumping almost 70 meters, which meant he had qualified for the Calgary Olympics!

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Is Bronson Peary real?

The Eddie the Eagle true story reveals that Hugh Jackman’s character, Bronson Peary, never existed in real life.

Did Matti Nykanen talk to Eddie the Eagle?

The film takes other liberties with history. Edwards did not have a meaningful pre-competition exchange with Nykanen, as he does in the film. (Edwards recalls, “Matti didn’t actually speak English.

What does Eddie Eagle do now?

Where is Eddie the Eagle today? Michael Edwards is now 58 years old and has been keeping busy off the slopes, especially on television. He currently resides in Gloucestershire. In 2003, Edwards graduated from De Montfort University with a degree in law.

Is Eddie the Eagle still married?

Eddie the Eagle reveals his love life has gone downhill since marriage split.

How much did Eddie the Eagle earn from the film?

Eddie the Eagle (2016)

Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $15,789,389 Details
International Box Office $29,271,091 Details
Worldwide Box Office $45,060,480
Home Market Performance

Is Eddie Edwards still alive?

The Eagle, now 50, hasn’t soared far from the nest. He lives quietly in the South Cotswolds village of Woodchester—14 miles, as the crow flies, from his native Cheltenham. He shares a modest, debris-filled home with his wife, Samantha, and their daughters Ottilie and Honey.