Vad hände med Longaberger Basket Company?

Are Longaberger baskets still valuable?

Longaberger baskets

While some of the baskets originally sold for hundreds of dollars, many are now available for as little as $20. There are some exceptions for true limited-edition baskets or those signed by members of the Longaberger family.

Is the Longaberger basket company still in business?

But unfortunately, due to economic decline, the 45-year-old Longaberger Company had ceased operations by 2018. Now, the Longaberger brand has not one but two comeback stories to tell.

How do I identify my Longaberger basket?

To determine if you are looking at a Longaberger Basket, follow these simple tips:

  1. Turn the basket over. Is the basket dated, stamped with the The Longaberger Company logo, and signed with the weaver’s initials? …
  2. Take a look at the material the basket is made from. …
  3. Examine the top band, or trim strip. …
  4. Study the splints.

Are Longaberger baskets still made in the USA?

DRESDEN, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — It may not be the Longaberger company you remember, headed by legacy owner Dave Longaberger and churning out its own original products at an industrial factory pace. The iconic Longaberger basket, however, is back on the market and people in Muskingum County couldn’t be happier.

Who makes Longaberger baskets now?


On Nov. 12, 2019, Xcel and a partner, Hilco Global, a financial services company based in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook, acquired Longaberger’s intellectual property for $750,000, according to SEC filings. A day after the acquisition, Rachel Longaberger appeared on QVC to reintroduce the brand, now managed by Xcel.

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Who owned Longaberger baskets?

The Longaberger Company

Type Public
Key people Robert W. D’Loren (CEO)
Products Baskets, Home Décor, Furniture, Wellness, and Jewelry.
Owner Robert W. D’Loren
Parent Xcel Brands

Where are Longaberger baskets made now?


But just as in Longaberger’s heyday, the baskets are being made in Dresden, this time by Dresden & Co., launched in mid-2019 as a direct-sales enterprise that employs a number of former Longaberger weavers.

Who is Rachel Longaberger?

Rachel Longaberger Stukey – Spokesperson/Guest Host QVC – Xcel Brands, Inc./Longaberger | LinkedIn.

What is the most valuable Longaberger basket?

miniature Larry Longaberger Bread & Milk Basket

The most expensive single Longaberger basket listed on Ebay is a “rare miniature Larry Longaberger Bread & Milk Basket” which is selling for close to $750. The basket comes with free shipping.

How do you know if a basket is valuable?

What is it worth? A higher value is placed on examples if they have been painted blue, white, green, yellow, or red. Splint baskets have a wide price range and can fetch from as little as $10 to several thousands of dollars.

Are Longaberger baskets collectors items?

Longaberger baskets are rich pieces of American tradition and history. They have exceptional beauty and exquisite craftsmanship that basket collectors and ordinary people have come to love. Handcrafted since the 1919, Longaberger baskets are the Holy Grail of the basket-making industry.

What do I do with all my Longaberger baskets?

Quote from the video:
I use them for makeup. I use them for oh my goodness candy I used to scoop. And forks I use them for coasters I mean here's one of my baskets right here.

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Are Longaberger baskets out of style?

But the baskets eventually fell out of fashion. The Longaberger Company, a family business in Dresden, Ohio, that made them, filed for bankruptcy in 2018 and liquidated the following year.

Was the Longaberger basket building torn down?

NEWARK — The Longaberger basket building, vacated by the basket-maker in 2016 and saved from foreclosure in late 2017, will not become the luxury hotel announced 15 months ago.

Can you wash Longaberger baskets?

Quote from the video:
Little towels and you can also use those but again like I said with the microfiber.

How do you dust Longaberger baskets?

To clean the basket gently clean as much dirt as possible off first, brushing with a soft bristled brush. Vacuuming the basket with the brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner also works well. Using a spongy damp cloth, softly wipe the basket following the track of its weave.

How do you get mildew out of a Longaberger basket?


  1. Apply a solution of 60-90% alcohol to the moldy area (caution: alcohol is flammable).
  2. Using a nylon brush, lightly brush first across the grain of the wood then changing directions to go with the grain.
  3. Take a rag and wipe clean.
  4. Repeat these steps until mold is no longer visible.